Creating Space: How it can change your life

Space gives us room to breathe, to move, to create, to move forward, to most of all space gives us joy. 

Do you fill up your calendar to the max, is your closet stuffed to the gill, how about under your bed? 

There is a lot of pressure on all of us to “get more done,” “be more productive”, but sometimes its best to just stop and enjoy the space the universe is creating for you. 

Meaning when you “have” more space, it’s because you are needing that space to grow, contemplate, expand or share it with someone else.  You don’t “have” any more space, the Universe is just offering you more because well, you need it.

So with that in mind, I started thinking about what we do with space when we “get” it. Do we fill it up right away?  Do we justify having it?  Do we immediately put things in it?  And what about when there is space in a conversation?  Do we talk just to talk?  And space in a relationship?  Or in our day?  Do we “do” something to … “do” something?

It is our responsibility to intentionally and mindfully slowdown, discover downtime, and create extra space. This can certainly be accomplished by making vacation a priority, by choosing rest one day each week, or by taking full advantage of holidays.

Space is a gift from the Universe that offers expansion into our idea of time, our awareness, and our connection with the Divine and all that is.

Here is what I do with space:

  • sit in it. Take 10 minute
    s to re-evaluate, breathe and sit
  • think before you speak
  • allow yourself to be OK with where you are at
  • LET GO! this is hard, but letting go helps you open up and create more space

Here’s to making the most of the space we create.