Listening to yourself in an “always on” world

American’s consume more media now in one day than we used to 10 years ago in an entire life-time. Yes, in 2006 George W. Bush was president, Facebook opened up their API to individuals without and .edu email address and @Jack the found of Twitter was just sending out his first Tweet.

Awww the good old days with no YouTube, Netflix or Spotify. Not to mention the shift in phones. 10 years ago there was no iPhone, No GPS in phones, and texting was rare. In such a short time we have gone from printing out MapQuest directions to running our global lives from the palm of our hand. Talk about Zero to a hundred- real quick!

How does this make you feel? Where is the time in your day to download and process all of this information? How can you stay connected to your intuition when your mind and your phone won’t STUF already?

BREATHE…  I have 3 tips for you:

yogi on phone

  1. Acceptance: We live in a digital age. Get over it, babe! Facebook is the first or second most popular website in most countries.  Men, women & children all over the world consume HOURS of media per day- it’s here to stay. In the past 5 years the breakdown of media has shifted drastically. change_in_average_daily_media_consumption_2015_vs_2010_chartbuilder

Whether you like it or not, hop on your computer or your phone and accept the fact that you will likely spend most of your life staring at that screen. Most jobs even plumbers require hours of computer time each day. We shop ( bank and connect online. ACCEPTANCE IS THE FIRST STEP!

2. Boundaries & Meditation: Let me guess you use your phone as an alarm. Each morning our phone is the first thing we touch, most nights our phone is the last thing we check. Make it a priority to brush your teeth, take your dog out, make a coffee (whatever your morning routine is) etc before checking in. At night turn off notifications, sounds etc 2 hours before bed. Set boundaries with yourself and the ones you love. Spend 15 minutes each morning in silence. Take this as a time to listen to your higher self and connect with “god” and the divine. If you are looking for answers; GUARANTEED they wont come from your cell phone. It is safe to look within- and you can only do that with your eyes closed and your phone off. When you are with friends, significant others and family, FOCUS and be present. My meditation practice has truly changed my life. I used to dread sitting in silence and could hardly wait until my 7 minute timer went off. Now I look forward to it for 15 minutes each morning and 15 minutes each evening.

3. Embrace it: 

“Hop on your computer and create a Pinterest account, YES you too gentlemen.”

Next Step- Pin your ass off! Check out MINE if you need PinSpiration. I could honestly talk all day about Pinterest. Its my favorite social media and in my opinion the social media platform that allows us to be most visionary and future focused. Instead of seeing what someone you had once class with in college kid covered in food you are able to LEARN and pin about the things that interest you most. Create boards based upon travel, good, DIY, the sky is the limit.

If Pinterest is not your thing hop on YouTube. Video is becoming the fastest growing sector in Social Media. With phones growing in size- video is growing in popularity, spend time checking you things you dig on YouTube. All in all tackle the online world and take a deep breathe before hand- it’s not so scary, its here to stay and you will learn something.

Ok signing off for real, computer shut down, phone is off, iPad mini is charging in another room. Time for this yogi to meditate, read and pass out.

Until next week my loves,



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