As simple has starting your morning with coffee, driving the same route to work, having cake on your birthday, saving $300 each paycheck, going to the gym etc. Each day, every day of our lives we are creating thousands of rituals without even realizing it.

Eventually our rituals become our habits. Before you can change any outcome in your life you have to change your rituals. I am not suggesting in a life overall or drastic changes. What I do recommend is to slow down, take inventory and notice your own rituals. Do you crave sugar in the afternoon, do you drink beers every Saturday night, etc

“Nothing Changes, IF Nothing Changes”

Upon noticing your rituals you begin to realize something super important. You, yes YOU and only you, have the power to change your life. Once you change your rituals you can change your habits and change your life. You are FREE to let go of what isn’t working and you are able to make space for what you need.


In closing, sit tonight and breathe. Take a higher look at all of your rituals and which ones are working and which ones you might want to change. In the end, Meditation is simply, hanging out with you soul. More on Meditation next week.



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